Whether you need a "timely tune up" or you grapple with deep personal concerns, counseling / coaching, avail yourself of assistance for the journey. Self-care remains a positive option for you, your relationship or your family.

Spiritual Guidance

Life is "THE" spiritual journey. Whether you are part of a faith community or a personal practice direction, exploration and guidance on that journey can prove very important. 

Individual ministers, religious professionals, spiritual organizations, all can sometimes use supervision. Organizations can use assessment and guidance. It is important to understand interpersonal, structural systems and dynamics. 


The Life and work of C.G. Jung
Brene Brown, researcher & storyteller on the Power of Vulnerability.
Articles & Resources

    Misery, failure, death and a slap in the face. Great advice for life from James Hollis, by Oliver Burkeman,

    from the Guardian



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